Invited by the group

Le Théâtre des Ombres

is in Taubaté - Brazil 
from April, 23rd to 29th 2015
in the frame of the

2nd  Festival International of Shadows theatre

II FIS - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Sombras/2015

Program of the festival

we have presented :

O pequeno cabaret

À moda de um cabaret parisiense,
este espetáculo apresenta as danças de diversas origens, pequenas e divertidas histórias


A conference devoted to the shadows theater has been held beside the festival

We have contributed to this conference presenting a talk about the challenge of the modern shadows theatre.
The speech has been translated from french to portuguese by Deoceli Martins Mendes

Have also taken part to this conference : Fabrizio Montecchi, Alexandre Favaro, Ronaldo Robles and Silvia Godoy

A great thank :

to the team of  'Cia quase cinema' : Ronaldo, Sylvia, Raphaël, Maike and kidss Victoria, Xavier

to the all team of the festival : Fabiana, Icaro, Tuany, Melissa, Alexandre, Clayton for their kindness and efficiency

to the Pandavas institut of Monteiro Lobato, its team, their pupils for its enthousiastic welcome

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Conception of the show :

Christophe BASTIEN-THIRY and Roshanak ROSHAN

Puppeteers :


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Théâtre des Ombres - 26, rue d'Orléans 31000 Toulouse, France
Tél : + (33) 6 75 70 91 02

Photos souvenir of our venue

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