Le Théâtre des Ombres
est présent à Kaohsiung (Taiwan) du 1er au 5 mars 2007

lettre d'invitation officielle

Le jeudi 1er, le samedi 3, le dimanche 4 mars

au Festival International de marionnettes de Kaohsiung
au Wei-wu-ying Metropolitan Park
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Le Théâtre des Ombres à Taiwan
Vue du festival sur la tour Tuntex Sky (347m) symbole de la ville de Kaohsiung

Le vendredi 2 mars à 19h30

au Kaohsiung Museum of History

Représentation organisée par l'Alliance française de Kaohsiung

Le Théâtre des Ombres au Kaohsiung Museum of History à l'invitation de l'Alliance Française
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Au programme

Le Théâtre des Ombres au Festival International de marionnettes de Kaohsiung

Pierre et le loup

Pierre est un garçon hardi qui n'a pas peur des loups. La porte du jardin est ouverte. Pierre en profite pour se promener dans la prairie et retrouver ses amis: l'Oiseau, le Canard et le Chat. Le Grand Père voyant cela se fâche et ramène Pierre dans le jardin.
C'est alors qu'un grand Loup gris sortit de la forêt.
Cette histoire est un adaptation par le Théâtre des Ombres du conte musical de Prokofiev
Durée : 15 minutes

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Les trois petits cochons courent toujours

Ras-le-bol du grand méchant loup ! Les trois petits cochons sortent de leur conte traditionnel pour nous rejoindre. Mais hélas ! Notre monde est lui aussi plein de loups, alors l’histoire tragi-comique se répètera t’elle ? Histoire sans parole, accompagnement au piano. Durée : 20 minutes

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Morceaux de piano

Spectacle comique en un seul tableau

Morceaux de piano présente un pianiste très stylé qui voudrait bien solliciter les applaudissements des spectateurs. Faut dire qu’il veut s’attaquer aux danses symphoniques de Rachmaninov. C’est pas rien et c’est même fait pour être joué à quatre mains ! Mais pour le plaisir de tous, les choses ne vont pas se dérouler comme au concert.

Durée : 10 minutes.

Réalisation des spectacles et mise en ombre :

Christophe BASTIEN-THIRY et  Marc ROSSI

Manipulateurs et conteurs:


Accompagnement musical

Sophie GEFFROY (au piano)

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Théâtre des Ombres - 26, rue d'Orléans 31000 Toulouse
Tél : + (33) 5 61 27 38 53

Affiche adaptée par l'Alliance française pour la soirée du vendredi 2 mars

Festival International de marionnettes de Kaohsiung

Une scène du théâtre d'ombres de la troupe Tung Huan de Kaohsiung

The 2007 International Puppet Festival in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Asia

About the festival :
The festival is moving on to its 3rd year and has become one of the most renowned festivals in Taiwan, the beautiful island that creates its unique puppet arts. Last year in 2006, it was held during Chinese New Year holidays and attracted more than 300 thousand audience with 17 days. Therefore, next year, the government decides to expand the scale of the festival and extend the fest to 24-26 days. Also the festival is going to open greater opportunities to international theatre groups or puppeteers to participate in this event. Huge and integrated publicity will also be executed to promote this festival as well as invited artists. Therefore, it is definitely a great chance for all theatre practitioners to introduce their arts to Taiwan and Asia.

About the festival site:
The festival will be held at a formerly military base that is called Wei-wu-ying, which is known for its location of where the new national theatre and national concert hall are going to be built. The area is in total 67 hectors, having more than 200 abandoned barracks. It was very important in Taiwanese military history. Apart from being the national theatre location, it’s ethological environment will also be preserved and developed into the biggest metropolitan park of the city. In this festival, 13 hectors of the base will be used, including 8 barracks and outdoor space. We plan to use one barrack as indoor theatre and build another outdoor stage to host all international and domestic performances.

About the 2006 International Puppet Festival

Photos souvenirs de notre venue

Une partie de l'équipe du festival dont le responsable Jade Yeh au centre mains tendues

Installation du public au festival

Les petits taiwanais apprécient de voir les ombres 'françaises'
Les petits taiwanais apprécient de voir les ombres 'françaises'

La troupe du Théâtre des Ombres avec le maître Chen Cheng Hung
La troupe avec le maître Chen Cheng Hung

Le coq - Troupe Horng Shinq de Kaohsiung

Installation du Théâtre des Ombres au Musée d'Histoire de Kaohsiung qui se prépare à la Fête des Lanternes
Notre installation au Musée d'Histoire de Kaohsiung qui se prépare à la Fête des Lanternes (Lantern Festival)

Avant l'arrivée du public au Musée d'Histoire de Kaohsiung

Une partie du public au Musée d'Histoire de Kaohsiung

La troupe du Théâtre des Ombres avec une partie de l'équipe de l'Alliance française de Kaohsiung
La troupe avec une partie de l'équipe de l'Alliance française de Kaohsiung

Un rituel fréquent : se faire photographier avec les artistes!

Revue de presse

The Commons Daily - 02/03/2007


Taipei Times - 25/01/2007

A grand-scale puppet theater festival will be held in Kaohsiung County next month, a county official said on Wednesday.
From February 10 to March 4, the 2007 Global Puppet Theater Festival will be held at Weiwu Camp , the county's director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Wu Hsu-feng said.
"Different countries developed different forms of puppet performance," Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing said at a news conference in Taipei. "Through international exchange, I hope new ideas will be brought into old traditions."
Ten puppet theater companies from seven countries, including the US, Ireland, Italy, France, Brazil, India and Indonesia, have been invited to perform at the festival, in addition to local groups, organizers said.
"There will also be around 200 puppets from countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia from our museum on display," said Robin Ruizendaal, director of a puppet theater museum in Taipei. "Some are over 100 years old."
Visitors will be able to operate some of the puppets, he added.
"We will move the whole studio there, so everyone can see how TV puppet shows are filmed" said Huang Feng-yi  the daughter of Huang Chun-hsiung, who is the leader of a well-known traditional Taiwanese puppet theater company.
Aside from the traditional puppet performances, modern artifacts will also be on display.
These will include Star Wars figures, Barbie dolls from the US, the UK, Australia, Japan and India, as well as dolls based on other cartoon characters, the organizer said.
"It will be a great family outing destination during the Lunar New Year holidays," Yang said.

2007 Global Puppet Theater Festival, Kaohsiung County: Introducing the Teams
When: February 10th to March 4th, 2007 (closed on February 17th)
Time: Mon. through Thu. 10:00~18:00
          Fri. to Sun. 10:00~20:00
          National Holidays/Chinese New Year 10:00~20:00
Where: Weiwu Camp of Kaohsiung County

Organized by Kaohsiung County Government
Sponsored by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan
Ticket/NTD100 and NTD80 for county residents
Website address: http://www.ettoday.com/events/dolls_world/

Source : http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2007/01/25/2003346251/print

   Kaohsiung County is the hometown of puppets in Taiwan. “2007 Global Puppet Theater Festival, Kaohsiung County: The Dolls’ World” will last for 22 days from February 10th to March 4th.  During this period, Weiwu Camp will become a dolls’ world for people aged 2 to 80 and a place for families to enjoy themselves. Cartoon characters, Barbie fair, hand puppet show, dolls, traditional puppet show and shadow puppet show will tell us vivid stories and guide everyone in the tour to learn more about puppets. In addition to the six international theme halls, characters from Japanese comic books and toys will join us. What is more, we have invited international puppet theaters from Brazil, Ireland, France, the US, Indonesia, Italy and the Netherlands to Weiwu Camp, so that people can enjoy puppet shows from all over the world.

Performing Groups from Taiwan
  Dong Hua Shadow Puppet Theater
  Yong Sing Le Shadow Puppet Theater
  Hong Sing Ge Shadow Puppet Theater
  Jin Fei Fong String Puppet Theater
  Shun Li Sing Glove Puppet Theater
  Shuang Long Yuan Glove Puppet Theater
  Tian Hong Yuan Glove Puppet Theater
  Ru Jhen Yuan Glove Puppet Theater
  Guo Sing Ge Glove Puppet Theater
  Fu Sing Ge Shadow Puppet Theater

Campus Shadow Puppet Theaters
Mituo Elementary School
Jhuwei Elementary School
Jhengyi Elementary School
Jhongtan Elementary School
Campus Glove Puppet Theaters
Ciaotou Elementary School
Sing Tang Elementary School

 Performing Groups from Abroad
  1. Brakabrik Theatre from France
  2. Bui Bolg Ltd from Ireland
  3. Flexitoon Puppets and Marionettes from the United States
  4. Kat-katha Puppet Arts from India
  5. Magical Moonshine Theatre from the United States
  6. Philip Farah from Italy
  7. Robert Rogers Puppets Company from the United States
  8. Seres de Luz Teatro from Brazil
  9. Theatre des Ombres from France

Source : http://www.kccc.gov.tw/eng/en11_02.asp?cid=1992